Some great mentions over at Bijou & Boheme:

Haute Hause

"4. To really embrace the pleated trend, in a bold and highly glamorous way (and feel like a rockstar doing it), try this statement Black Glove Sofa..."

Haute Hause - Copper Blush

"10.  A pop of pink never goes unnoticed, and this Blush Chair from Black Rooster Decor can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the surroundings..."

Haute Hause - Graphic Florals

"5. This gorgeous Bean of India Pendant from Black Rooster Decor comes in small and large, making it both a versatile and unique focal point!"

Art Fair Friday

Gold Faceted Table Lamp

Haute House – Marble

"6. Gold and black marble? Stop. This Black Marble Side Table from Black Rooster Decor create the perfect temperature of warm metal and cold marble, to add prestige and allure to any room!"

Haute House – Playful Pieces

"7. Hello gorgeous! Even though this parrot won’t repeat you, it is still a beautiful and fun way to add some personality to your home." Gold Dipped Parrot

Art Fair Friday

1.  Black Bold Pillow



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