Our shop shot was featured in A Piece of Toast's blog for their March 2017 Vibes! Read below what they wrote:



Did anyone else watch Sweet Home Oklahoma on Bravo Monday night? I was kind of skeptical of the new series when seeing commercials for it but now I'm fully obsessed. It's one part Real Housewives (three women, all moms, all divorced), one part Southern Charm (fun and with a more realistic cast of people) and the rest is an unparalleled combination of reliability and hilarity. I could not stop laughing through the first two episodes that dropped on Monday and already feel like I want to be friends with the three besties that make up the cast (Jen, Lee, and Pumps). If you're a reality/Bravo addict like me def give this a go. (now go on and check out my vibes for the week!




6. PLANTING // CACTI POTS: It could be the start of spring and the green stuff coming to life outside, but I have been staring at these sad little shelves in my living room that are desperate for some sort of decor situation and I decided that some plants needed to happen. Baby cacti plants to be specific. They don’t get bugs like succulents and being in Texas means that I can get away with having them in my place. Rather than run to Home Depot for a few spikey friends, I first started looking for pots/vessels to hold said plants. Don’t judge me…these shelves are on either side of the fireplace in my living room and the highly visual nature of them combined with the tiny shelf depth means they call for a considerable amount of attention. A quick Pinterest search of “cacti + potted” lead me to finding Black Rooster Decor and their incredible assortment of pots and vases. So many good options! I’ve got thisthis and this (two of each) in my cart and can’t wait to get them so I can make my symmetrical cacti shelf dreams a reality.




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