Our Mobile Rods Chandelier and Cinched Waist Accent Table was featured in a stunning space by Stone Textile for MyDomaine.

With the emergence of super-bright colors on the runway, it's not just our wardrobes that will see pastels pushed to the curb. Our homes will welcome the vibrant tones too. Case in point: this stunning jewel-tone home in Austin, Texas. Built in 1983, the colonial-style residence was transformed from its traditional past into a hyper-modern abode with a vibrant color palette. Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile told MyDomaine her client is a big fan of high-octane hues and jewel tones. The starting point for the home's unique palette was the vintage Turner artwork in the formal living room.

The formal living room is where you really need your shades. "The paint is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green, and it's one of my favorites to work with as the color reminds me of one of my grandmother's sapphire necklaces," explains Mollen. "We really hit all of my favorite jewel tones: teals, deep blues, purples, and fuchsias. We decided to mix these fun colors with the basic black, white, and gray tones. The house feels like fall to me, and it was only fitting that they moved back in a few weeks ago to enjoy their new color-filled house while the colors were also changing outside."

The entire house was completely gutted and redone from the kitchen to the bathroom. "The house had some strong bones to start out with so it was exciting to watch the transformation," she said.

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