Cubist Pedestal

$1,300.00 USD

By Jonathan Adler - 

A stacked cube base finished with ivory raffia and topped with mahogany coated in ivory lacquer. Elegantly elemental. A decorator's secret weapon, pedestals are the perfect place for a vibrant vase or bold bust to rest, or plunk it in an unused corner or in front of a window, or double up and flank a chair or console.

  • 13" W, 13" D, 42" H
  • Stacked cube base with faced with ivory raffia
  • Ivory-lacquered mahogany top
  • Raffia is a natural fiber made from raffia palms. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners on stains, or this may stain raffia and cause discoloration.
  • Wood is a natural material and responds to changes in temperature and humidity. Extreme fluctuations can cause wood furniture to crack and lacquer and finishes to lift.
  • Avoid contact with hot items
  • Wipe spills immediately, do not allow water to collect on the surface
  • Use a very soft natural brush, a feather duster or soft cloth to gently dust

This item typically ships within 3-4 weeks from time of order.